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Hi Recruiterbox team!

I have a passion for great customer service and growing technology companies, so I am excited to be applying for the Customer Happiness Representative position at Recruiterbox.

One of my first jobs also combined both of those passions, when I worked at a leading fundraising platform for angel investors and entrepreneurs called Gust. I was our product team’s Community Manager which entailed all essential front-line support responsibilities. While I was at Gust, our customers’ trade organization put together a report that included a top-10 ranking of important features of the Gust platform. The feature of “Customer Service” was ranked #3 on the list, and I was Gust’s entire Customer Service team at that time.

I have had a great experience previously as a customer of Recruiterbox. When I was at a AEGIS Professional Services, I setup and ran the recruitment process to find new financial advisors for our investment arm ELECTIO Investments. I setup job postings on multiple portals ranging from Craigslist to niche financial job boards that all pointed to the Recruiterbox application. Recruiter box made the application process simple to manage, and we were successful in the candidate search.

Recently, I provided great customer service to guests of Zingerman’s Mail Order, a specialty food purveyor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, whose exceptional standard of customer service has been noted in Forbes and the New York Times. I served individual and corporate guests by phone and email in my role as a temporary holiday staff member.

I am strongly interested in a CHR position at Recruiterbox because I would have the opportunity to play a rewarding role within a company that I believe in while maintaining geographic flexibility, which is important to me right now. I appreciate your consideration. For your convenience, I have included additional writing samples below.




Israel Vicars


Writing Samples

“I’m considering a switch to Recruiterbox, but I was wondering if your software lets me integrate with my CRM?” Resource Guru doesn’t offer this feature, but their current system does. How would you respond?

Hello Octavius,

Thank you for reaching out. I am glad we caught your eye.

Our Bulk Upload feature could work well for the importing of applicants from your CRM. What CRM are you using currently? I would be happy to look into how you can do that most easily.

If you would like, I tour the with you product and show you the Bulk Upload feature. What times would work well next week?

Very best,

Israel at Recruiterbox


A customer wants a feature we’re unlikely ever to add “feature x”. How do you respond?

Hello Reginald,

I checked with our development team about Basecamp integration. I can see how that would be helpful. Unfortunately, we are not currently planning to integrate our product with Basecamp. I have made a note about Basecamp integration in our feature request list. We need feedback like yours as we plan future feature development. Are there any other features that you think we should consider?

I hope you have a great week.


Israel at Recruiterbox


Imagine that you’re just starting your workday, and you login to our help desk to see a pile of emails from distraught customers who can’t access their accounts. Clearly, something big (e.g., a server outage) is happening. What steps do you take?

1. I would confer with our team about the outage and our customers’ responses.
2. I would draft a template response that I can quickly send to all affected customers that acknowledges the problem and communicates any relevant information about our response.
3. When we resolve the issue, I would send a follow up email to all affected customers. If resolution is significantly delayed, I would provide an interim follow-up email to all affected customers.
4. I would coordinate my communication efforts with our social media manager to ensure that I can personally respond to affected customers who have made public communications to us about the issue.
5. I would recommend additional follow-up and renumeration if merited, particularly in the case of banner accounts.